Answers to your questions about roof maintenance or repairs

Get advice from the experts at ABRIX ROOFING on the most frequently asked questions regarding roofing repairs, installation or maintenance.

We NEVER start roofing work when it is raining because the risk of water infiltration is too great. When the weather is uncertain, but it doesn’t rain, we take care to provide extra protection, such as tarps to cover the roof in case of a sudden downpour.

This differs each year due to the weather, but generally our season for shingle roofing starts in April and ends around the middle of November.

If the work requested is outside our field of expertise (eaves troughs, masonry, etc.), we will refer you to other trusted contractors specialized in these fields, free of charge.

Yes, a roof must be maintained regularly to maximize its life span. It is a gesture that generally does not require a great investment in terms of time. We recommend accessing your roof every year to:

  • empty the gutters
  • check if the sealants are in good condition
  • check the general condition of the shingles

If you are not comfortable with the maintenance of your roof, we can provide a maintenance team that can do it for you.

Submissions generally take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. There are several variables that will affect the time frame such as the complexity of the re-roofing job and the questions you want to ask our representative.

Ideally, yes. Our estimator may have questions about your roof or may need to take a look at your attic for example and this requires your presence. This is also the perfect time to ask your questions as these experienced professionals have extensive knowledge in the field.

Talking with our representative will allow you to better know Abrix Roofing and the quality of the service we can offer you.

Yes, our quotes are fast (within 24 hours) and free of charge.

Our quotes for work on your roof are valid for 30 days. However, an extension can be granted, but it must be approved by our estimating department beforehand.

We make every effort to deliver your quote within 24 hours from the date you contact us. In most cases, we are able to meet this deadline because our representatives are able to give you your detailed quote on site.

Yes. It would not be responsible for us to give you a quote over the phone, as we would be missing too many important details in order to provide an accurate quote that corresponds exactly to your needs. However, there are some exceptions:

  • In the case of a new home that has not yet been built, we can easily make a quote based on the plans (paper or web version).
  • When it is a minor repair, such as the installation of air vents, the repair of a few damaged or missing shingles, etc.

Extended warranties give the consumer more protection and for longer periods of time. An extended warranty requires a more rigorous shingle installation method, using certain materials prescribed by the manufacturer, and therefore offers several advantages:

  • Longer warranty transferability period
  • Better protection at the level of the guarantee and with certain companies
  • Extended years of warranty for shingles

Ask our experts for more details.

Normally, warranties on shingles range from 25 to 40 years, but some companies also offer extended warranties of 50 years. Shingle warranties are generally categorized by type:

  • Traditional (tabbed) shingles offer 25 to 30 year warranties (e.g.: Dakota and Yukon of BP, IKO Marathon)
  • Laminated (architectural) shingles offer 40-year warranties (e.g. Mystique and Everest from BP, Cambridge and Dynasty from IKO, Timberline from GAF)

ABRIX ROOFING offers a 5-year warranty on the installation of shingles. In almost all cases, if there is a defect in the installation of shingles on the roof, it is during the first 2 years that it will occur. In the case of a problem with the roof, we move very quickly following the call of our customers.