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Over the years, our residential roofers have inspected and installed hundreds of asphalt shingle roofs – that’s experience! They have identified the various conditions of these and adjusted their practice accordingly. That’s why your roof will be treated with all the attention and precautions it deserves. These are not pretensions on our part, but rather a guarantee of work done by true construction professionals for whom roofing has no secrets.

Roofing services offered

Roof inspection

Thanks to the experience of our company specialized in roofing and that of our roofers which they acquired during many years, they can detect and identify all types of failures that could cause short, medium or long term damage to your roof.


After a thorough and rigorous inspection of your roof, our experts will analyze your needs. If they find that the condition of your roof does not require immediate intervention, they will inform you. ABRIX ROOFING always favors transparency and this is one of the reasons why it is a company you can trust.

Installation of shingles

Our roofers work in compliance with the standards of the Quebec Building Code, while rigorously following the recommendations of the CNESST and the material manufacturers. The execution of the work being carried out in a context of quality control, the achievements can only be highly satisfactory, because carried out according to the rules of art.

Roof repair

Often it is the weather conditions that are responsible for the deterioration or weakening of the shingles on your roof. Sometimes a particular area will show signs of wear and tear or indicate a risk of leaking. At that time, we will perform a targeted repair of your roof to restore its waterproofing and durability.


It is very important that your attic be properly ventilated to avoid heat loss during the winter and to prevent ice from forming on the roof, which can lead to water infiltration. Our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of roof ventilation allows us to advise you judiciously in order to avoid many worries.


Although your roof is very durable, it still requires some preventive maintenance. To maintain the quality of your roof shingles, we have created a “Roofing Maintenance Advices” section that provides you with the information you need to take preventive care of your roof. Also check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and feel free to submit a new one, if needed.

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