Toitures Abrix’s 2021 Roof Replacement Services Score High in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Any company that cares about customer satisfaction conducts regular surveys to constantly improve its products and services. Toitures Abrix is one of them. So we commissioned Paginart, a brand communications agency, to conduct a survey of customers who used our roof replacement services during the 2021 season. We now know, by the numbers, that our customers have a very high satisfaction rate with our services.

Survey and results

Of the 300 emails sent on December 6, 2021, as many as 114 led to the survey. Statistically speaking, getting a 38% response rate is a first success. In addition, of the 114 respondents, 49 took the time to comment on our re-roofing services. Their great generosity is a clear indication of their interest in our company. We are grateful to them.

The purpose of our survey was to measure the satisfaction rate of our 2021 season customers with respect to customer service, the quality of the roof replacement work performed and the administrative aspect.

Customer Service
Quality of customer service96 %
Due diligence (getting an appointment, a quote)99 %
Quality of the work
Punctuality and professionalism99 %
Skills and availability97 %
Courtesy during the work96 %
Quality of the work96 %
Before and after
Implementation of protective measures83 %
Cleaning after completion of the work82 %
Level of detail of the quote97 %
Clarity of the contract (inclusions and exclusions)96 %
Compliance with the contract (delivery times)88 %


93 %

Toitures Abrix is pleased with the excellent results of this survey, even though it was conducted on a small sample and its conclusions are limited in scope.

In addition to the answers to our questions, several people expressed more freely their opinion about their experience with Toitures Abrix. We have taken care to share the points of improvement with our team members so that the 2022 season and beyond will meet the needs and expectations of our customers even better.

Let’s help each other!
Among the generous comments received, some raised issues for which we seek the collaboration of our clients. Below you will find the essentials of these aspects.

These pertinent comments made us realize that it would be useful to develop an instruction sheet for our clients, which will now be provided for consultation to homeowners a few days before their roof is replaced.

Recent grass cutting

When the grass is very short, it is easy to locate and remove the nails that litter the ground using a giant magnet. It is easy to understand that it is very difficult to locate and remove nails buried under long blades of grass.

To help us
Be sure to mow your yard the day before or the day before you start work so that the grass is very short.

Cleanliness of the land

In order to protect your land, workers lay down tarps on the ground.

To help us
Make sure your yard is free of animal droppings, cut branches, boards, or anything else that might interfere with the placement of the tarps or that might damage or soil them.

Security perimeter

For reasons of personal and physical safety, a work perimeter should be set up before the work begins. It is essential to respect this area and to keep as far away from it as possible as a preventive measure. This perimeter is also intended to allow access for the heavy vehicles that transport the materials (both old and new).

To help us
Ensure that no vehicles, outdoor furniture or valuables are in the vicinity of the work area at least 15 minutes before workers arrive. Make sure that a clearance zone of approximately 30 feet (9.15 m) surrounds your property if possible.

Right moment

Installing shingles on the roof places workers in often physically challenging conditions. For their safety and well-being, we have established work parameters that also contribute to the quality of the work. As a result, work may be postponed due to the vagaries of Mother Nature, such as oppressive heat, chances of rain of 60% or more or cold temperatures, i.e. close to the freezing point.

To help us
Allow enough time for us to protect our workers and your investment.


Workers may discover deficiencies after removing the old coating from your roof. They will then want to obtain your authorization to make the necessary corrections, in compliance with the regulations in force. There may also be other reasons for them to contact you.

To help us
If you can’t be on site, make sure you are easily reachable by phone throughout the work. In addition, for the well-being of our workers, we ask for your cooperation in providing them with access to a garden hose and, if the situation permits, to sanitary facilities.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank our clients who participated in the survey. Your contribution is invaluable to us because it allows us to implement concrete measures to improve the quality of all our services. We are also grateful for the many references you have generously provided. Please know that we will always honor your trust.

Richard Larose
President & Founder

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